"Painters and sculptors are authors too."

Translation:Pictorii și sculptorii sunt și ei autori.

January 2, 2017

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During a multiple choice test, one of the answers (that I missed) was "Pictorii și sculptorii sunt și ei autori." What does 'ei' mean in this sentence? Is it part of 'şi' -> 'too', or is it part of "pictorii și sculptorii" somehow?

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    "ei" is a pronoun. It means "they". Here it is used for emphasis but not only and refers to the painters and sculptors. Saying "Pictorii si sculptorii sunt autori" means that they are authors. Saying that "sunt si ei autori" it means that they are authors but not the only ones (implies that there are other classes of authors - maybe discussed before). Emphasis falls on "si ei" ("them too" would be a close translation of the phrase) and might suggest that painters and sculptors are not representative classes of authors, so the information is supposed to be "shocking". I'll give you another example: "Pisicile (cats) sunt mamifere (mammals). Delfinii (dolphins) sunt si ei mamifere (not obvious information/emphasis). Hope this helped :)


    Why can't you say "pictori și sculptori"?


    Articullating (pictorii) is a way to say painters in general, all the painters not only thoose painters. It is different than in English or in German. In those languages, without article means "in general" . In French or in Roumanian you articulate the plural form to indicate The painters (all of them): pictorii , Les peintres ...


    Surely pictorii & sculptorii are the painters, the sculptors?


    What about "Pictorii și sculptorii sunt autori și ei."?


    Why cant I say

    pictorițe și sculptorițe sunt și ele autori?


    If you articulated the first two, "pictorițele și sculptorițele", it should work.


    Why I can't get feminine variant to work? I tried 'Pictorițe și sculptorițe sunt ele autori' and 'Pictorițele și sculptorițele sunt și ele autori'. What is wrong here?


    Nu merge „Și pictorii și sculptorii sunt autori”?


    Cred că merge... Eu am scris "pictorii și sculptorii și sunt autori" dar dl zice că nu-i bun așa... Credeam că trebuie să merge și așa... Dar poate este un fel de dialect... Este cineva aici, care e român/româncă? Cum este corect?


    English please... I haven't finished this course yet...;-)


    The underline prompt did not say anything about ei as part of the translation. Please make the prompts complete! I am trying to learn, and it seems as if you just throw in a random word.


    Can somebody explane why " pictorite si sculptorite sunt si ele autori" is wrong? According DL I mean


    And also why for god seak DL insists for picturii and sculptorii when in english sentence def.art. is missing?


    Because in Romanian you need the definite article. There are lots of instances where you use the article in Romanian but not in English, and vice-versa.


    We have to think in Romanian, not in English. Articles are sometimes used differently in English from other languages, and Romance languages, eg French, also need the article here, whereas in English it's not used. It's the same with abstract nouns,


    When it is a general statement, Romanian language uses "the". Example: "Cows are big animals." in Romanian: " Vacile sunt animale mari." I hope I don't make a mistake, I'm not native Romanian...


    Painters, sculptors and authors are all artists. In English I don't think painters or sculptors would ever be described as authors.


    right you are, Pop60 !!!


    of course "painters and sculptors" are ARTISTS, not authors......authors refers to writers! again a strange error Dl (teachers) make....


    The underline prompts you provide with this question do not agree with what you say is the correct answer. Please make the answer match the prompt!

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