"Tatăl meu e un profesionist foarte bun."

Translation:My father is a very good professional.

January 2, 2017

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one would never say this in American English. "He is a professional" already implies that he's very good at his craft. "very good professional" seems redundant and silly. Does this work in Romanian? Are these as good synonyms as people seem to think?


True. We, like in English I believe, can mean two things when we say profesionist:

  • either that he's very good at something, when it doesn't make sense to say foarte bun
  • either that he has a certain profession, when you can say that he's good or bad at it

In the Romanian translation, it is unclear what we mean by profesionist cause we lack context.


Ya this is the same in Romania!

•Or very good at what are u doing ??

•Or already a professional??

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