Too many emails

If you are a bit more active here, you get tons of emails daily, that is too much and surely quite a strain on Duos email servers. An option that cumulates all emails in one email per day per topic with all links would be very nice. At the moment one can only choose to get notifications or not.

I want and like the notifications, but bundled, once a day. Not X on one topic avery few minutes.

February 26, 2014


Most of the mail apps and webmail clients allow to filter all incoming staff into a separate folder. So, you can do that (I did and all mails with forum notification come to there) and read them in a batch when you have enough time for Duo.

I use thunderbird, but I have never seen this option.

Thanks. But with a slow connection, there is still the problem with too many emails downloading. Not all users have DSL.

register an email on gmail, yahoo or other similar service. They all allow to filter on their side, so you'll download only unfiltered mails, unless you're point in the filtered folder exactly.

that's very convenient with a slow connection (like edge, 2.5G).

Thanks, but, well..., gmail and yahoo don't have the best reputation in Germany after the NSA scandal... especially gmail. And secure servers like university servers don't have this option.

try I used it 15 years ago or so (in the ages when gmail didn't exist).

Go to the down arrow next to your picture at the top. Select Settings and then select Notifications. You can turn off any emails you don't want.

I want the e-mails and notifications, that's the problem. But they are too many.

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