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Feature Request :: Better/Longer Score History

Hello Mr/Mrs Duo,

I'd quite like to see an enhancement of the "Weekly progress" section. I'd like to be able to choose my date range and get given a line/bar graph that shows two things. 1) My total score, and 2) Points per day.

I'm sure your admins would like to see them sexy graphs and so would I.

Lots of love A Geeky Duo Fan :)

February 17, 2013



These are good ideas. We plan to have a lot more "analytics" in the future, and I think you'll like them very much.


Awesome, I was just thinking that I would like more statistics (like which words/topics are the hardest on average, how I'm doing compared to the general population of Duolingo users, etc). Can't wait.


Hey Luis, maybe this wasn't the original question, but I would love to see a scatter plot with individual day scores since the day I started on Duolino.

Since I started around 3 years ago, used it for 3 months or so, and then took a sizable break before starting again, it's difficult to describe how long I've been learning German.

I'd even appreciate a CSV file I could download and run my own chart from =)

Thanks for building an excellent product and a truly wonderful community!


Ooh, another amazing idea! Can we compare ourselves directly with out friends. So we can see if we're catching them or not on the points per day or total points levels.

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