"Roata este în portbagaj."

Translation:The wheel is in the trunk.

January 3, 2017

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Grrr...... American = trunk; English = boot. It is frustrating that I have to speak American to give the correct answers!!!


I was very disappointed when I first saw that Duolingo generally uses the American flag to represent English... It's pretty common for websites to use the hybrid flag for language purposes, Duolingo is a bit backwards here.


Should it be hybrid St George / Union Flag i wonder? The union Flag is of course in any care a hybrid of St G, St Andrew and... i really should have paid attention in history lessons!


Duolingo is an American company, which is why it uses American english by default. Just report the different words and spellings so that folks can use translations accurate to their understanding of English, and duolingo can continue to improve.


interesting, i didn't know boot (only from computers, and the type of shoes, but i did not know it in this context), thanks


Perhaps, after you have learned Romanian you might like to learn British-English. I realise that many people learn English from American sources but it is frustrating that I need to give American-English answers to some of the questions. I have read elsewhere here that British-English is spoken in Australia, New Zealand and India. I suppose (guess) this proves that America is not the centre (center) of the universe. But neither is England. We are all learning. Having said this the tutors are doing a great job and are changing the answers so that British-English is accepted also. Good day to you (have a nice day) ! Eu glumesc!


I am Romanian native speaker (and still good at it, and its grammar, in spite of so many changes introduced by the new gods of the romanian academy - please note the lowercase - in the last (about) 20 years during which I was abroad) and main reason of me being here is to improve my English. But thanks anyhow. :)


OK, this is interesting. But there is a specific section for you to learn English, nu-i asa? Anyway, thanks for taking the time to respond.


Boot is now accepted!


I think (That's the way, I would have done it) Romanian->English learners and English->Romanian learners are sharing the same lessons (or at least some of them)


It's more frustrating to have to speak English instead of my native language to learn Romanian


The voice lady sounds like she's inserting an o into portbagaj (like portobagaj) when saying it fast... Why?


HA! Romanian is transforming itself in an english lesson for me because if I were studying it with a French basis, this sentence would have presented no difficulty at all for me : LA ROUE EST DANS LE PORTE-BAGAGE ! but I did not remember how you say "portbagaj" in english ! and it is like that in most cases. But it's OK, i am polishing up my english. No problem with Romanian.


Shouldn't it be "portbagajul"?


în, like other prepositions, includes the definite article so portbagaj is correct. The earlier example often repeated is pe masă - on the table.


Thanks for the explanation. Very helpful.


Very confusing - it looks like the wheel has been put in a large chest, but from the other comments here it presumably means the boot of a car.


I put 'car boot' but it wasn't accepted

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