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How to use ь or ' in Ukrainian?

I know they are both soft signs, but when do I use them? And furthermore, how do I pronounce ' in words like, він п'є? I know how to pronounce the soft sign in front of letters like т or л, but I don't know how to do it in front of p.

January 3, 2017


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The apostrophe (') in Ukrainian performs roughly the role of the hard sign ъ in Russian, i.e. to separate the consonant from the following vowel (it officially replaced ъ in Russian in 1920-30s). The vowel then is ioted, and the consonant is not softened. It can also stand for omission: colloquial мо' = може, or in foreign names, but in Cyrillic script apostrophe is never a soft sign.

In Latin transliteration, however, apostrophe represents the 'soft sign' ь. I have no idea about the DL Ukrainian romanization, usually the ioted vowels stand clearly, and hence there is no need of an apostrophe as a separator.


Thank you for the reply

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Нема за що


I still haven't figured out what you can put for Ь on the English keyboard.

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