Polish people there?


i am german and i want to learn polish. It would be nice if somebody can help me a bit :)

1 year ago

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There are at least few Polish people here on Duolingo forum and of course group of moderators. If you have a question just post it here (I mean Duolingo) and after few hour someone should answer it.

Beside that I am willing to help but you should know what kind of help do you need. I am Polish native speaker and I can communicate in English. Although I know German to the point where I can watch TV or read newspapers, I haven't got any practice with talking in it. Now I am learning also French.

If you decide that you know how can I help you, just let me know.

1 year ago

Thanks i will come back to you if i have any questions. You can also ask me something about german

1 year ago

Hi. Ich bin ebenfalls deutsche und lerne polnisch mit Duolingo. Mein Freund ist native polish speaker. :D Kann man hier irgendwie privater Chatten - oder über die App? Hätte gerne Online mehr "Mitstreiter"... gemeinsames Lernen motiviert ja auch. LG Kimsy

1 year ago

Hallo, ich wolle privater Chatten mit dir on Skype, my username is - grzegorz.motyka96

Ich komme aus Polen und ich wolle Deutsche lernen :D

1 year ago

Hello, I'm Polish and I've been learning German for a year. I'm looking for a German speaker learning Polish that would like to chat or skype in Polish and German. Benefit for both :) Anna

3 months ago
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