"un tort, două torturi"

Translation:a cake, two cakes

January 3, 2017

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I noticed that "un" goes with "doi" and "o" goes with "două". However it is not the case here. Does the gender change in the plural for this word?


Romanian has three genders: masculine, feminine and neuter.

Neuter ones have a masculine singular and a feminine plural. Some examples are:

  • un tort, două torturi (cake)
  • un scaun, două scaune (chair)
  • un ou, două ouă (egg)
  • un măr, două mere (apple) but note that măr also means apple tree case in which it's masculine instead of neuter (un măr, doi meri)


I see that the question is still without answer. ”Un” and ”O” are indefinite articles (singular forms) = English ”A/An”.

The plural form of ”un/o” is ”niște”. ”Niște” does not change in gender.


What's the difference between a tort and a prăjitură which are both translated as cake on DL?

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