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"A șaptezecea fată e copilul meu."

Translation:The seventieth girl is my child.

January 3, 2017



Please explain to me, why you used "fată" and "copilul" here? Shouldn't it be "copila mea" because the gender has to match? Or is this the exception to the rule?


"Copil" is a masculine word, therefore it gets the masculine suffix -ul for the definite article and also the masculine form "meu" for "my". Whether it's a boy or girl doesn't matter in this case. I don't think "copila mea" even exists...


"A șaptezecea fată e copilul meu./The seventieth girl is my child."

There is a multitude of children, at least 70 of them as you can see in the sentence. The children are a bunch of people, right? Those people(the children) are both males and females, thus they are referred to as males.


Why is este wrong and e right ?

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