"Is your country dear to you?"

Translation:Vouă vă e drag de țara voastră?

January 3, 2017

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Why can't you use singular 'you' here? Ți-e drag de țară ta.


These are all correct translations. If you wrote one and it wasn't accepted please report it and together we can make this better for future users.

Țara ta îți e dragă...................Țara voastră vă e dragă.

Țara ta îți e dragă ție.............Țara voastră vă e dragă vouă.

îți e drag de țara ta................Vă e drag de țara voastră.

Ție îți e drag de țara ta..........Vouă vă e drag de țara voastră.

plus any of these with este instead of e or ți-e instead of îți e

NB. As well as being optional, the ție and voua can appear elsewhere and still be correct.


Ti-e draga tara ta?


Can someone please explain the grammar here? I'm completely lost on this one.


"Voua" is not necessary there. And the rest just goes as always; "va" to you, "e drag" is it dear, "de tara voastra" of your country". Hope I'm correct and I could help you with this.


It's confusing that "drag" can go both ways. So "drag" is more like "fond" here?


I'm also totally lost. "Your country" is the subject of the English sentence, but I can't find a subject in the Romanian sentence.


Why is "Țara ta ți-e drag?" wrong? Do you have to use "de" ("drag de ceva")?


no, you just need to make the dragă feminine (drag) to agree with tara


I wrote: " Ție îți e drag de țara ta." and it was correct.


Why in this sentence is your country last in the sentence when in the sentence about the war the war comes at the beginning?


no reason. it is correct either way


My response (from a pick list): Vouă vă e drag țara voastră?

DUOLINGO You have a typo. Vouă vă e dragă țara voastră?

Of course draga (with accent) wasn't on the pick list. Only now realise that the error is "drag de"


iti este tara ta draga?


Țară voastra vouă vă e drag marked incorrect . What did i do wrong there?


you just need to make the dragă feminine (drag) to agree with tara


Tara voastra este va draga was also marked as incorrect!!!? But I yhink that it is more correct than offered answer.


Why "tara voastra este drag pentru ta" is wrong? Sorry for the accents but the codes don't seem to work!


You have a typo in your answer, dear Duo :-) , I cannot change the boxes you offer for the answer.

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