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  5. "Ідіть сюди!"

"Ідіть сюди!"

Translation:Come here!

January 3, 2017



When to use сюди and when тут?

[deactivated user]
    • Сюди́ = в це мі́сце 'to this place', it indicates a direction. It is an answer to the question «куди?» 'where? to what place?'.
    • Тут = в цьо́му мі́сці 'in this place', it indicates a location. It is an answer to the question «де?» 'where? in what place?'.

    Сюди is similar to the archaic English word 'hither'.


    My mrs uses "Idi Syuda!" when she is angry at me. I am not sure this sentence has the exactly same meaning as in its literal sense :-)


    idi syuda is Russian иди сюда, meaning "come here," not necessarily angrily. Ukrainian idiť siudy, ідіть сюди, means the same thing except that it's the "you" formal/plural. In Russian that would be идите сюда, idiťe syuda.


    how/why are we using the same verb for go and come?


    Because in English, "go here," isn't common speech. It is the normal phrase in Ukrainian, however.

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