"Fata sa este mare."

Translation:Her girl is big.

January 3, 2017



well, ”his girl is virgin” should be right too. In Romanian, ”fată mare” is the most common expression for ”virgin”, generally with negative connotation. ”Ea este fată mare” has no other meaning (except in rare cases). :)

You can tell to a 3 years old girl ready to cry ”nu plânge, tu ești fată mare acum, nu-i așa?” and that would mean without doubt ”don't cry, you are a big girl now, aren't you?”, but if you ask a 15 years old girl the same question, it will mean without doubt that you are hinting that she is not virgin anymore (and it is indeed rude).

January 26, 2017


Learning Romanian and their hidden meanings has been an adventure, hahaha.

February 22, 2017


So, does it mean "virgin" or "not virgin" ?

February 1, 2018


Alright, so “fată mare” is used to mean „virgin“ but here we have „fata … este mare.“ I have never heard the predicative adjective „mare“ mean „virgin,“ even if the subject is “fată.” For your version, wouldn't you need to say „fata sa este o fată mare?“

Imho the most part of the „virgin“ meaning in Romanian lies in “fată,“ not in „mare:” She is big and still a girl (not a woman). So I think „mare“ alone never means virgin. Note that in your sample phrase you say „tu ești fată mare acum,“ not „tu ești mare acum.“

No sexism or offence of any kind intended (needless to say, I hope).

January 11, 2019


that's rude!

January 25, 2017


Its rude and funny, hahahaha.

February 22, 2017


It's fude :P

October 20, 2017


Are all the nouns in nominative case in this lesson because they are the subject?

January 3, 2017



January 26, 2017


maybe edit "is not a virgin" in your first sentence above?

September 14, 2017
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