"Filmul este pasiunea lui."

Translation:Movies are his passion.

January 3, 2017

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"Film making is his passion" should be a valid translation


In UK the original sentence would apply to someone who is passionate about going to see films. Making films would be spoken of "in full" and differently. Does the Romanian phrase differentiate between the two?


No. The romanian phrase could refer both to watching and making movies ;-)


I think there is a problem with translation. ''Filmul'' is singular so the verb ''este'' is. The given translation is in plural. Is that correct?


"Filmul" here is used to refer to movies in general (cinematography), not a particular movie; a construct that has no straight-forward correspondence in English.


Just saying 'Film is his passion' would make sense (be correct) if you are talking about the hobby/work of cinematography in general.


I'm not a native English speaker, but I've never heard this form. It sounds ok, but "movie is his passion" sounds wrong.


There is a difference between "film" and "movie" to a native English speaker. Generally "movie" refers to a single movie, whereas "film" can refer to the entire genre of cinematography.


Yeah "movie is his passion" would definitely be wrong.


Indeed, it should be Filmele sunt pasiunea lui to be translated as Movies are his passion.


yes, thank you. that makes sense.


"Cinema is his passion" would work (but not accepted)


Duo for Romanian / English is tearing us all in different directions. [1] What should I answer to get it right. [2]What would an actual Romanian say. [3]What would an English speaker say. [4]What is the real intent or meaning. [5]An amalgam of all the above including colloquialisms.


It may be that as in Italian, film acts as a singular noun even when talking in the plural. It is determined by context. I think this may be because it is considered an uncountable noun in these languages despite the fact that you can actually count 1 film, 2 films, etc


Thank you razvan!

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