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Japanese Lesson: Weather

I haven't posted a lesson in a while (mainly because I didn't know what to make one on), but weather is always relevant.

To ask how the weather is, you can ask 今日の天気はどうですか? kyou no tenki wa dou desu ka, or simply 天気はどうですか tenki wa dou desu ka

The word for weather is 天気 tenki, and the word どう dou means 'how'. So you're literally asking how the weather is.

You could also ask

今週の天気予報は何ですか konshuu no tenki yohou wa nan desu ka- What's this week's weather forecast?

今日の天気予報は何ですか kyou no tenki yohou wa nan desu ka- What's today's weather forecast?

気温は何度ですか kion wa nando desu ka- What's the temperature?

外はどうですか soto wa dou desu ka- How is it outside

You can answer these in a variety of ways, and here is some vocabulary that you can use

雨(あめ) ame- Rain

暖かい(あたたかい)atatakai- Warm

暑い(あつい)atsui- Hot

晴れ (はれ)hare- Sunny

寒い(さうい)samui- Cold

蒸し暑い(むしあつい)mushi atsui- Humid

雨が降っています ame ga futteimasu- It's raining

暖かいです atatakai desu- It's warm

暑いです atsui desu- It's hot

晴れです hare desu- It's sunny

寒いです samui desu- it's cold

蒸し暑いです mushi atsui desu- It's humid

To say something is 'very____', you would simply add とても totemo before the adjective

とても暖かいです totemo atatakai desu- It's very warm

とても寒いです totemo samui desu- It's very cold

I could get even more in depth, but I don't necessarily like making extensive lessons. If you want to learn how to say a certain thing, simply comment it below. As always, native/more experienced speakers, please correct my texts.

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January 3, 2017



fantastic! this is very helpful!

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