"Avem un cer senin astăzi."

Translation:We have a clear sky today.

January 3, 2017

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Is "avem" commonly used to describe weather phenomena?


You can also say that in English, like "It's fine Scottish weather we're having."


It sounds a bit twee to my American ears. It is something that pilots always say as well, though, on those announcements on airplanes: "We have a clear sky today, so your flight shouldn't be too bumpy." In that case, it sounds more like an exclusive "we" to me, as opposed to the inclusive "we" of "fine weather we're having." I guess it is also something I might say if talking to someone at a distance, such as over the phone.


yes, works like a "There is" in the correct context. Examples: Avem ploaie la nopate.; We have rain tonight.; There is/will be rain tonight.

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