"Muzicienii cântă la radio."

Translation:The musicians sing on the radio.

January 3, 2017

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I put in the musicians are playing on the radio, because I learned that when someone plays a musical instrument it's also a canta. Is that also correct here, or is this really only singing?


It means both to sing and to play a musical instrument., but when it's about a musical instrument we say cântă la pian.


okay, so the musical instrument should be mentioned, otherwise it means to sing.


I've encountered "cânta" also used in the sense of "play a song", "play at a concert" etc with no specific instruments mentioned. There are examples of that in other sentences in this course. After all, you wouldn't say that an orchestra "sings" in English.


It sounds like the musicians are playing the radio


It keeps saying I typed in English when I have typed in Romanian...

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