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French Insecurity?

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J'ai lu aujourd'hui que toutes les entreprises françaises doivent payer une amende si leur nom contient un mot anglais. Two questions: 1. Is the above true? 2. Is the grammar/lexicon correct?

June 19, 2012



Some may call it "insecurity", others think of it as "intense pride". I think this quote is a misinterpretation of the famous "Loi Toubon" from 1992 which does sanction companies that require its employees to speak only English or which use English only (with no French translation) in official company documentation or advertisements. Technically, using any other language exclusively besides French would be sanctioned, but English is so pervasive in the world of business it may seem like an attack on English itself. As for the sentence, I can see no problem with it.

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Thank you. I'll withhold my political comments, and focus on la langue. I appreciate your help!

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