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"These two gentlemen are in a relationship of friendship."

Translation:Acești doi domni sunt într-o relație de prietenie.

January 3, 2017



Corect este " Domnii acestia doi sunt intr-o relatie de prietenie" Domnii - substantin comun, gen masculin( un domn, doi domni), numarul plural, articulat cu articol horarat "i"


"domni aceştia doi"... how?


The noun-adjective order is switched. But the noun should still have a definite article "domnii".


This is sort of a redundant sentence. A friendship is a type of relationship, so it sounds weird literally writing "relationship" here. Also, I find it hilarious how it had to be specified. Don't worry guys, these men? Well, they're in a relationship, but don't worry, it's just friendship. Lol

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