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to delete a language from my progress

How can i delete a language that i dont want to learn ? (i just wanted to try out french for fun,but i dont want to learn it and now it disturbs me that i have 0 point :D)

February 17, 2013



We currently don't support removing languages, but we will allow this in the future.


Thank you for the answer, i hope it will happen as soon as possible :-) By the way, are you planning adding a new language, like russian?


+1 for removing a language


I agree - I accidentally signed up for French , but don't really want to learn it.


I wish there was a way you could just try a language or were curious about how Duolingo teaches it, but leave it if you found you didn't want to go on with it. I would love to hear how the Italian voice sounds, but I know enough Italian to be able to read it.


I didn't know I signed up for a language by checking it out. Plus I don't remember ever checking out french, it was simply added back when this site was brand new. I don't enjoy getting comparisons and updates from friends doing languages not relevant to me, so I'd like this option as well.


My tablet leaded me to include French mistakenly and I cannot remove it now. Annoying for me :(


When on a computer you can remove or reset languages from 'Settings' -> 'Learning language'.

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