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"Ebben az autóban lányok ülnek, abban meg fiúk."

Translation:Girls are sitting in this car, and boys are sitting in that one.

January 4, 2017



The Hungarian word for sitting - "ülnek" - is not repeated in the Hungarian sentence and so therefore there is no reason for it to be expected to be used twice in the English translation. A correct answer - which was rejected - is:

"Girls are sitting in this car and boys are in that one."


Or: "Girls are sitting in this car, and boys in that one." Or even: "Girls are sitting in this car, and boys in that."


Why is the translation specifically in the Continuous form?


In this car there are girls, and in that one, boys. Anything wrong with this?


First I wrote "Girls sit in this car, and in that one, boys", it was deemed incorrect. The second time I wrote "Girls sit in this car, and boys sit in that one.", Repeating the verb even though it's not repeated in the original sentence. Incorrect as well. Fix your app!


What is wrong with: In this car, girls are sitting and in that one boys. ?

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