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"Noi scriem scrisoarea și voi scrieți mesajul."

Translation:We write the letter and you write the message.

January 4, 2017



I'm still having difficulties hearing the pace of her voice, as it seems like it's going really fast, especially on long sentences. Is it typical for a native to speak this fast, like hers? Or would one assume that my hearing and understanding of the language, and of her voice, would improve as time goes on..?


It's a normal pace like what how a news reporter would talk.


I know what you mean. I have a hard time deciphering what she says when she goes so fast. Has it gotten any easier for you?


For the most part it has become easier as time goes by. But I still get caught up with some of what she's saying. Even still, listening to this sentence again I still have to replay it several times, before looking at what is being said, before I know what's being said.


Is not typical for native. She don't speak very well romanian. She have some big mistakes when she pronouns.


I have to say these are not basics. I find, we should begin right away constructing sentences yet but new words mainly I find, I in the "Basics" I still haven't heard any "how are you" or "hi" or "good luck"


I agree, basics should mean the sort of phrases we'd use every day if we went there. Hello, good morning, please, thank you etc. I'm getting bored with people reading/writing letters and newspapers and eating apples or rice.


They teach some of those in phrases.


It is annoying, that sometimes coordination works (as in "eat an apple or bread" instead of eat an apple or eat bread), sometimes it doesn't, like in this sentence. "we write the letter and you the message" is obviously correct


Why is iar not used in this sentence?


We will write the letter. We are writing letters. We are writing a letter. These are all good English sentences. We write the letter. Not so much.

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