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"Finland and Sweden are in Northern Europe."

Translation:Phần Lan và Thuỵ Điển ở Bắc Âu.

January 4, 2017



Does nằm is necessary ?


It's not necessary, but it does sound a whole lot nicer with nằm. It literally means that they lie in Northern Europe. It's as if you're looking at a map and you want to know where they are. In other words, where they lie.


Phần Lan và Thuỵ ̣Điển năm ở Bác Âu


Do cardinal directions always come before the thing they describe? I expected it to be "Âu Bắc" since I've gotten used to adjectives coming after the noun in VN.


When it is a Sino-Vietnamese word. The adjectives always come before the noun. That's a bit exception just like French.


I live in VN and the cardinal direction comes second everywhere. Like all other adjectives. The end of this course needs work.


In the names of countries and regions, it always precedes the noun. Like in Bắc Mỹ or Nam Mỹ


phần lan và thuy. điển tại bắc âu, marked wrong...... BTW why add " . " next to "Thuy" ?


I think it is not next to but below the y


Putting in "Nước" in front of Phần Lan and Thuỵ Điển, and "Châu" in front of Bắc Âu was rejected.

It's the Châu Bắc Âu that is being rejected. Why is Châu not required here?

  1. having nước before the 2 countries is not rejected.

  2. no one says châu Bắc Âu because Bắc Âu is not a continent properly speaking, it's just a part of it.

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