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  5. "He can study medicine."

"He can study medicine."

Translation:Él puede estudiar medicina.

February 18, 2013



Why is "El puede estudiar la medicina" not allowed?


Picky rule from my grammar book: With fields of knowledge, in general, one needs an article unless one ..... uses "estudiar" or "examinar"


Thanks for the quick reply! I'll take your word for it.


I was about to ask this and I saw your answer. Always great to know why I've been wrong. :)


It is interesting and I was caught because in French we always have to have the article...


It's it more common to say "él puede" or just "puede"?


I said "el se puede estudiar medicina". Why is the "se" wrong here?


Hola Greg! It isn't possible to say that. I'm a spanish native speaker and when we refer to a job or study action (I mean a career) we don't use 'se' only the most suitable sentence here would be "Él puede estudiar medicina) I hope this help!


Thank you so much! Can I trouble you with one more question. I believe the following dialog would be correct: Q: "el puede estudiar medicina?" A: "Sí, se puede". Is that how "se puede" is used or only in the more general meaning like a sign that says: "Se puede fumar aquí"? Thanks!


Well, your answer is possible but for us in your dialog "A: Sí, se puede" means yes, he can study because he has the money to study that or he has the opportunity to study medicine. BUT the most suitable answer here is "A: Sí, él puede" Please, remember to use in an answer the subject who we are referring to. For example: Q: He can study spanish? A: Yes, he can! In this case, is the same as english A: Sí, él puede.

1) "Se" is used when we refer to someone and we want to simplify the sentence For example: He went to his house... Él fue a su casa or él fue se fue a su casa also we say the most of times Se fue a casa that's why I say we simplify the answer "se" in this case refers to "he" 2) To ask for a permission: May I go? ... Puedo entrar? Or Se puede entrar? Both are possible also as you said: "Se puede fumar aquí? Or Puedo fumar aquí?" 3) Remember that there's a big difference between se and sé the second one sé means Know as a verb. I know (Yo sé)

I hope this help and sorry if I made some mistakes my english is not that good. Thanks


Thank you very much for such a detailed and thorough answer! Lingots for you!

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