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More tips/notes coming, I hope?

Don't know where else to post this comment, so please redirect me if there's somewhere better. I am at the moment quite enjoying the work the Greek-from-English Duo team has done. In further refining the course, I hope they plan to make more entries in the tips and notes sections. For example, though I've reviewed the lessons for present tense passive voice and present perfect tense, I only have a vague idea about how to properly form the participle from the exercises, and would greatly appreciate notes that teach how to transform an infinitive into the corresponding participle for regular verbs, and perhaps give a short list of those which are irregular yet commonly used. My congratulations to the team for launching such an important addition to Duolingo!

January 4, 2017


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We are in the process of doing that now and are trying to make them full though not confusing and hope to complete it as soon as possible: Until then I hope this list of resources is a help: here

I'm assuming you have seen the Greek Forums but just in case here they are: here

And of course don't hesitate to come back with any questions you have.


Yes, we are indeed working on more Tips and notes, as well as fixing some slightly problematic ones that are already there. Thank you for your patience, and I hope you do enjoy the course so far. ^.^

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