"Făcând acest curs, am învățat multe lucruri despre limba română."

Translation:Doing this course, I learned many things about the Romanian language.

January 4, 2017

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Why is ''learnt'' considered to be as a wrong answer? I am not a native English speaker but i know both forms ''learned'' and ''learnt'' are correct. Actually in British English ''learnt'' is used more than the other form.


Because Duolingo mostly uses American English :P A lot of course makers add various regional alternatives, but I guess it's pretty hard to think of all of them. Just report these cases and they'll probably be added as correct answers.


2020-03-15 "learnt" was accepted


yes, I liked this course.


"attending this course" should also be accepted i guess


i am not a native english-speaker but i think TO ATTEND means you have to be present while TO DO, means you can do it anywhere alone.


Well. It could also refer to creating the course just to increase the ambiguity. You can also attend online courses. Neither i am an English native so a native speaker's feedback would be nice


I would say "Taking this course". I'd also have thought "Luând acest curs" would be better, but I'm not a native Romanian speaker.


Not because luând in this case means buying.


I know that Facand literally translates as Doing or Making as the hints suggest. But neither word is good English. Fortunately I put in Taking - and that was accepted.


Yes. Now i can talk about stabbing animals, people and about people dying and suffering


I have, but more thanks to native speakers posting corrections than because of the course itself!

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