"Do you like green?"

Translation:Mögen Sie grün?

February 18, 2013

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Does "Magst du grün?" work here also? This would just be the less informal saying?

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    Yes, but it's less formal, not less informal.


    Is it "grün" or "Grün" here? When is the colour a noun and when - an adjective?


    In this example it should be "Grün" in my opinion, because it is used a noun - "Mögen Sie (das) Grün?". Every adjective can be used as a noun ("das Schöne", "manch Gutes", "nichts Schlimmes", "ans (=an das) Gute glauben", "ins (=in das) Unsagbare übergehen, "vom (=von dem) Schönen träumen) or for colours also "in Grün heiraten". So if the colour is not used as an adverb ("er läuft blau an") or an adjective ("sie mag das rote Kleid") and takes the role of a noun, it is written with a capital letter. The examples above can help you recognize such cases. As you can see all the time an article comes before (das, dem, etc.) or a word like manches/etwas/nichts/vieles/etc. shows that the adjective is used as a noun or you can just "mentally" insert it and it fits like in the first example "Mögen Sie (das) Grün?"). Hope this helps, here a site in German I just found, maybe this helps too http://woerter.germanblogs.de/archive/2012/08/22/in-weiss-oder-in-weiss-gross-und-kleinschreibung-bei-farben.htm. Oki, late here, good night :)


    Is it possible to use a gefallt dir/ihnen (excuse the lack of umlaut) construction here?


    Wieso kann man nicht "gern" benutzen?

    Hast du gruen gern?

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