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  5. "Θα σου δώσω την επιταγή."

"Θα σου δώσω την επιταγή."

Translation:I'll give you the check.

January 4, 2017



I'm sure I hear people say stuff like: Θα σε δώσω την επιταγή. When is it correct to use σου and when to use σε in this sort of sentence?


You must have heard that in Nothern Greece. It's dialectal and not considered correct in the official.


Thanks for that, I could not find and explanation anywhere on the net. I have indeed heard it in South Corfu, where people don't seems to speak the way online language courses tell me to speak at all! This makes things a bit difficult for me.


Truth is, Greek has a lot of dialects, that are perfectly mutually intelligible, though.(excpet for the Cypriot Greek, where one will need some kind of exposure before getting to understand it)


Agreed, it just makes things a bit harder for a foreigner like me. By the way, I've also been looking at the Greek online courses at kypros.org, which are from a Cypriot radio station, back in the 70's I think. Do you think this could be misleading for me? it seems like pretty much standard Greek to me, but I can't really tell and I don't really want to learn how to speak Cyproit Greek well, as I don't live there.


As far as I know, in the radio&TV in Cyprus, standard Greek is used, so I guess that those lessons are fine. The cypriotic dialect is the everyday language but public bodies use standard greek, I think.


Cool, I thought that was the case, but it is nice to be able to check.


i wrote «i will give you the check» wrooooong!!! The correct is «I will give you the check» Big difference lol!!!


We wetlanders use the word “bill”. You had it in another sentence, can you add it here please?


From an AE perspective, it might be acceptable as an answer, but it shouldn't be used as a hint because it would give the impression that you can ask for the check when what you want is the bill (το λογαργιαμο).

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