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  5. "His trunk is not full."

"His trunk is not full."

Translation:Portbagajul său nu este plin.

January 4, 2017



I also put lui and it was marked wrong. Lui can only mean HIS whereas Său can mean HIS, HERS, or ITS.


Of course the UK Eng translation of Portbagajul is boot; trunks are only for elephants and trees and as a much larger version of a suitcase that is moved only occasionally. In UK you will also hear of a carboot sale which is where people drive their cars to a place and use the boot and probably an extra folding table as an instant shop. Many a happy hour can be spent browsing among the weird collection of items available through such an informal retail opportunity and many things get recycled! Are such pleasures available in Romania?


why is lui not accepted in place of său?


I had the same question. According to a native Romanian speaker, său is the more polite way of saying it. When asked to say the sentence, their first response was using the word lui. I would like if somebody else could give the English equivalent, as I am still not completely clear.


How come it is sau instead of lui? how do these interchange?


'Portbagajul lui' is now accepted

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