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  5. "We have a girl."

"We have a girl."

Translation:Εμείς έχουμε ένα κορίτσι.

January 5, 2017



why is ενα and not μια used in this sentence?

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Κορίτσι is a neuter noun (neuter nouns use ένα), not a feminine one (which would use μία/μια). Grammatical gender does not always match natural gender. ;)


Fantastic, thanks for that! After I posted I thought it might be something like that (as it reminded me of some of the things I learnt in Ancient Greek)


In case you're curious, many noins in -ι come from diminutives in -ιον (e.g. το παιδί was from earlier το παιδίον, a diminutive of ο παις, του παιδός).


How can Iget the Greek alphabet?


I'm new to Greek, so pardon me if this is is an elementary question, but what is the difference between το κορίτσι and μία κοπέλα?


Why is Εχουμε ενα ηαιδι not acceptable?


There is no Greek word ηαιδι, and the word παιδί (with pi instead of eta at the beginning) means “child”, not “girl”.


Εμείς should be optional here! - Έχουμε ένα κορίτσι is perfectly correct so why is it signalled as wrong?


Έχουμε ένα κορίτσι is perfectly correct

It is indeed. And it's one of the accepted translations.

so why is it signalled as wrong?

The most common cause is that you made a typo and wrote something else than you thought you had written.

If you have a screenshot of the question and your answer, please upload it to a website somewhere (e.g. imgur) and post the URL to the image here -- then we can see exactly what you wrote and point out the error.

Otherwise I'm afraid it will forever remain a mystery.

(Also, didn't you report "my translation should be accepted"? I see no reports for this sentence from today.)

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See here for the best and most effective way to Report a sentence that was not accepted. This way we can see your full sentence and explain why it was not accepted, or we can edit our incubator if it was correct and should have been accepted:


Check out the "How to make a report" section.


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It seems the first word in this has no audio for it.

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