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"Not having what to do with the rotten carrots, I gave them to the pigs."

Translation:Neavând ce face cu morcovii stricați, eu i-am dat la porci.

January 5, 2017



Is this supposed to be "not KNOWING what to do with the rotten carrots"? I don't quite understand the "not having what to do". Is this a mistake with the English, and that's just how it's said in Romanian?


What we actually mean by neavând ce face cu... (literally but poorly translated as not having what to do with...) we mean not needing... so a more accurate translation would be

Not needing the rotten carrots, I gave them to the pigs.


this does not make any sense in English


why can't you say "ce să fac”?


This should be accepted, I reported it.


Why is it not possible to say "porcilor" for "to the pigs"?


Please, is there any difference between "Eu i-am dat la porci" and "Eu i-am dat pe porci"? Thank you in advance.


How is stricați "rotten" and not putreziti?


Such a Romanian sentience...


Yep. Very literal translation.


It needs to be literal otherwise we'd wonder why needing was translated by having nothing.


I wouldn't be able to help with this, not being good at Romanian myself, but the Duo Romanian course needs a serious update. They insist on giving more literal translations even when the literal translation is not grammatically correct in English, which is not how translations work at all - if a literal translation sounds weird in the new language, you change the words while keeping the meaning. In this case, the first part of the sentence should be "Not having anything to do with the rotten carrots," "Not knowing what to do with the rotten carrots," or "Having nothing [else] to do with the rotten carrots".


so whats wrong with neavând ce să fac cu morcovii stricaţi i-am dat la porci again ???

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