Using "They"

Vosotros or "they" is only used in Spain. Usually ustedes is used in latin america or other places.

6 years ago

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No, "vosotros" means "you" plural, as in "y'all" (if you're from the southern US), "you's" (if you're scottish ;-P ) or "ye" (if you're from the 13th century). But you're right that it's only really used in Spain.
"They" is "ellos" or "ellas".

6 years ago

Hello! "vosotros" means "you, plural", not "they". You are correct in saying it is mostly used in Spain. It is used as an informal contrast to "ustedes" which is the polite form of "you, plural".

6 years ago

Depends on the LA country

6 years ago
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