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English for speakers of Portuguese

I have set up a classroom for my English as an additional language pupils, who are speakers of Portuguese.

The duolingo placement test is currently asking pupils to translate between English and Spanish, instead of Portuguese.

Is there any advice for this issue?


January 5, 2017



I think this can only be caused by you setting the languages wrong by mistake in the classroom settings. When you go to your classroom settings, which languages appear in the boxes?


I have checked and double checked these settings, which are set to Learning: English Natural language: Portuguese


I think I typed my answer earlier too fast, sorry, and I think I was wrong about what's going on.

Your students are members of your Portuguese classroom, but they're still free to sign up to whichever Duolingo course they want. Get them to hold the mouse over the language flag at the top of the screen, and click on Add a new course. They then need to change the field at the top right of the page that says I speak.


Thank you, I've logged in to one of the pupils' accounts to see this and will direct them where to adjust this! Hopefully, a few less blank faces next time!

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