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The mother is watching the handball match.

In Sports, Lesson 3, you are asked to translate from English to Greek the sentence: 'The mother is watching the handball match.' but it doesn't accept the translation Η μητέρα κοιτάζει τον αγώνα χάντμπολ.

January 5, 2017



The correct translations are "Η μητέρα βλέπει τον αγώνα χάντμπολ" and "Η μητέρα παρακολουθεί τον αγώνα χάντμπολ".

The verb "κοιτάζω" is the equivalent of "to look at" in English. You can use it to say that you glance at an object or, in colloquial Greek, that you look after somebody.

We usually use the verbs "βλέπω" and (more rarely) "παρακολουθώ" for plays, shows, films and (football/ handball/ etc) matches.

I hope that this helps. :-)


Many thanks for clarifying this ;-)

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