"Eu am două nepoate."

Translation:I have two nieces.

January 5, 2017

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When I click on "nepoate" it suggests both "nieces" and "granddaughters". Does it actually mean the same in romanian?


Yes, that is correct. It is also used for the daughter of a cousin (but I think that's also the case for “niece” in English).


I'm English and have never heard niece used for daughter of a cousin in English - the oxford English dictionary definition indicates only the daughter of a brother or sister or brother- or sister-in-law.


Daughter of a cousin is a "cousin once removed"


How we can understand when we talk about granddauther or niece? They are not the same at all!? In this sentence - what I fave a granddaugther or niece - I think that this is important part if the information in the sentence.


Unfortunately you can't unless you continue the conversation.

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