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  5. "As frutas são tuas."

"As frutas são tuas."

Translation:The fruit is yours.

February 18, 2013



A native English speaker would never say "the fruits are yours", it doesn't sound natural and is a plural used only in very context specific situations (i.e, fruits of the forest). It's a bad example for a native English speaker!!



In Portguese, "fruta" works just like "orange". You count it.

  • Uma fruta, duas frutas.

But English is different.


And a lot of fruit, for instance in a basket,and could be different it's called fruit fruta not frutas...


Shouldn't it be "The fruits are yours"?


I live in the US, im learnning portuguese as well, but if you have different kinds of fruits then it makes sense to say "fruits" instead of you singular "fruit" ie: bananas and apples... you cant just say "fruit."


I'm from the US, and we use the singular "fruit" to describe both the singular and plural forms of of the word "fruit". For example, "bananas and apples are fruit" or "please pick up some fruit from the grocery store".


I have trouble with this because for me, in my kind of English, I would only say "the fruits" to distinguish different kinds of fruit. So I'ma bit grumpy to lose a heart for translating as "the fruit are yours", or for that matter "the fruit is yours."


Yeah, me too! I translated as 'the fruit is yours' as I would use fruit for both singular and plural. I don't think I've ever said fruits. Maybe that is not grammatically correct though


"Fruits" is the correct plural noun whether or not it is commonly used.


There are differences between languages here:

Yes, the plural form in English is "fruits", but that is only used when you want to stress they're different "types of fruit".

In Portuguese, though, you do "one, two, three frutas". Each "fruta" is a unit, just like "one, two, three oranges".

PS: of course you can still use the singular version in Portuguese sometimes when referring to a general thing, such as in "ele gosta de banana(s)", "ele gosta de fruta(s)".


Why is it plural? And not a fruta.


Fruit is like sheep and fish. It is a mass noun, so is used for both singular and plural.

[deactivated user]

    your are misguided.

    fruit and fruits are both plural forms of fruit dependent on its usage as countable or uncountable.


    Agreed... "all the fruit here is good"


    why sao tuas not e tuas?

    [deactivated user]

      the Portuguese says "fruits" therefore the English should reflect the plural form. even the damn verb is plural so how do you rationalize "são" as "is"?

      if there is more than one kind of fruit, the plural form "fruits" indicates with certainty that there is more than one kind of fruit. regardless of prevalence, the misguided use of "fruit" as the only plural form of the word is wrong.


      Would A fruta e suas be correct?


      You must agree the nouns and its respective possessives:

      • A fruta é sua (sua fruta - singular)
      • As frutas são suas (suas frutas - plural)


      The first one is translated as "The fruit is urs", while the second one as "The fruits are urs", right?


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