"We were killing our time outside."

Translation:Noi ne omoram timpul pe afară.

January 5, 2017

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The English is wrong. It should say "We were killing time outside"


What's the difference between „pe afară“ and „afară?“


Why "pe" ?


Like Renardo_11 and Mapka15, I am wondering the difference is between afară and pe afară. Looking at examples of sentences, it really looks like they are interchangeable but I couldn't find anything precise about that.

Any input by a native Romanian speaker would be greatly appreciated.

Also: as Alindan3677 pointed out, the English translation is incorrect. I have reported it.


noi ne consumam timpul afara is a option.


While it is technically correct, it sounds strange in Romanian. I'm also not convinced that it has the same meaning.


I wrote "noi ne omoram pe timpul afară" . It's marked wrong, but i thought from my (maybe mistaken) language feeling that it would be a possible translation too. Might sound very funny for native romanian speakers... Please let me know what is wrong with the sentence ☺️


I'm pretty sure this is not correct. I can't see why the pe would be needed here. Maybe you were confused by the following constructions:

  • timpul pe care îl omoram = the time that we were killing. Here the pe is needed because it is part of the pe care introducting the relative clause that we were killing, in which timpul is a direct object. If timpul has been, say, the subject, as in timpul care trecea = the time that passed, you would not need to use pe care.
  • îl omoram pe Ion = we were killing John. Here it is needed because the direct object (= Ion) is a person. But if you were killing the time, would would say omoram timpul.

If we forget about the complement afară and the reflexive ne, it's a pretty simple sentence: we killed [what?] the time, so "subject + verb + direct complement", exactly as in I eat an apple = mănânc un măr.


I do not understand the ”our time” ownership situation in this sentence. In English you would just say ”we were killing time”, is it important to specify the ownership, that it is our own time that is being killed and not time itself in Romamian?


The Romanian sentence is correct and natural. But you could also say omorăm timpul, instead of ne omorăm timpul. However, you cannot say omorăm timp.

As you pointed out, the English translation is incorrect.

As a side note, "ownership" is not the best word to describe what the dative structure achieves. It says that you do something for/to someone. In English, this is almost invariably going to be translated using a possessive, e.g, îmi spăl mașina = I wash my car.

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