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Students in 2 different language classes?

How do I put a single student into 2 separate classes (ie: Spanish & French)? It seems, right now, that the student is only allowed to be in one class. Should I have them set up a completely new account? Can they use the same e-mail for a new account? Help!

January 5, 2017



There shouldn't be a problem with doing this. I'm assuming you created the accounts for your students - let me know if that's not right.

Click on your classroom, and in the top right of the page is an orange button labelled invite students. Click that, and then click share classroom link. That will give you a link the students can click on, and a code they can enter into the progress sharing part of their settings.


I think I know what happened. The students typed the new class code over the existing one, effectively removing themselves from one class and enrolling in the other. I followed your suggestion myself, and now I can show them how to join both. Thank You! This could potentially happen again, and now I know how to prevent it.

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