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"Une lettre, un adieu"

February 18, 2013



I think this one doesn't make sense.


It's like a poetic ending to a tragic/romantic story. ( I wrote one, see below)


yes, weird sentence


this sounds like its going for "a good bye letter" which seems to translate (according to google translator) to "une lettre d'adieu"

d'aduie = parting (according to google translate)

seems to make more sense to me.


I think you should forget about Google if you want a good translation!


well.. what ever duo lingo is translating doesnt make a whole lot of sense


I think it may be an arbitrary enumeration, like a dog, a thought, an umbrella, a tree


Il pensait à elle. Ses jambes lisses, ses lèvres pleines. "Henry! Attention." son patron a dit. Il l'a rencontrée hier et avait seulement été avec elle pendant quelques heures, mais il était déjà dans l'amour. Il ne pouvait pas attendre de rentrer chez elle et lui tenir. "Henry! Je jure devant Dieu que je vais te virer.". Il ne pouvait supporter cela plus, il se leva et partit. Il pensait à elle sur la route. Alors qu'il atteignait sa maison, il a appelé son mais il n'y avait pas de réponse. Il est allé à l'intérieur, mais tout ce qu'elle avait laissé sur la table était une lettre, un adieu.

He was thinking about her. Her smooth legs, her full lips. "Henry! pay attention." his boss said. He met her yesterday and had only been with her for a few hours but he was already in love. He couldn't wait to go home to her and hold her. "Henry! I swear to god I will fire you.". He couldn't bear this anymore, he stood up and left. He was thinking about her on the road. As he reached his home he called her but there was no answer. He went inside but all she had left on the table was a letter, a goodbye.


Very nice! Just one detail - 5th line - "il a appelé son nom, mais il n'y eut pas de réponse".


I didn't write the one in french, I'm on level 6 and have only completed basic 5 lessons, I used google translate and some guesswork for that version.


I like the English story anyway!


This one was helpful in me figuring out the difference in pronunciation between une and un. She said une like "oon" and un like "un" - I could not determine before.


one could pick better words though...


I think it makes very good sense, if you think in a literary frame of mind. There is a letter which contains, and is, a "goodbye" It seems a rather poignant phrase.


I just keep forgetting wich one are femenine!


I seldom use goodbye as a noun. but from dictionary: leave without even a goodbye. say your goodbyes

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