Local Welsh-language activities 2017

Just a New Year reminder that if you live in Wales, and in some areas in England, the new year brings a lot of new events where you can practise your Welsh and hear it in action. There are lots of local reading groups, social get togethers, day and week-end and intensive courses for learners and so on, too.

Look here for your local Welsh for Adults/Dysgu Cymraeg/Cymraeg i Oedolion contact, and look here to find what Menter Iaith are doing locally. There are a number of local societies dedicated to the language and they often organise events.

For example:

  • Torfaen Welsh Society are meeting on 11th Jan 2017.
  • The Mari Lwyd (look on the web for what this is) will be visiting various Abergavenny pubs from 5-7.30-ish on Friday evening 13th Jan 2017, starting at the Great Western at 5. Just follow the horse's head and the sound of singing...
  • Cymraeg i Oedolion Morganwg have a Sadwrn Siarad at Ysgol Gyfun Aberpennar in Mountain Ash 9.30-12 on 14th Jan 2017 - £10, book in advance.
  • There is a Gwasanaeth Plygain new year's carols service in Holy Trinity, Baker Street, Abergavenny at 6pm on Sunday, 15th Jan 2017.
  • A Welsh Macbeth will be on at Caerphilly Castle at about 7-ish on Thursday evening 9th Feb 2017. (simultaneous translation available)

If you are in the US, there are several Welsh-language societies over there, such as Cymdeithas Madog.

January 5, 2017


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