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  5. "I eat the apple."

"I eat the apple."

Translation:Ich esse den Apfel.

February 18, 2013



Why not Der Apfel? why Den.. Both are used with masculine, right?


Den is the version of "Der" used when the word is object (not subject) For example: Der Apfel ist rot. (Here Apfel is subject, {rot = red}) Sie isst den Apfel. (Apfel here is the object)


Thanks! Very clear explanation!


thanks, that explains everything!!


So it's like who vs. whom in English?


Thanks. Need to remember that.


Den is the version of "Der" used when the word is object (not subject) For example: Der Apfel ist rot. (Here Apfel is subject, {rot = red}) Sie isst den Apfel. (Apfel here is the object)


ja, Norminativ und Akkusativ sind schwer Parts. T^T


Sometimes it is easier if you make two seperate 'lists', subject = der/die/das; object = den/die/das. Identify the word as the subject or an object, then go from there. Since the word is an object in this case you would go to that list and you're only options are den/die/das. I know it helped me.


Again, it is the accusative case (see here: http://german.about.com/library/blcase_acc.htm ) "Wen oder was esse ich?" - "Den Apfel." Female and neuter articles do not change in that case.


Why apple comes first? I mean, why i can't say "Ich esse den Apfel"???


Its my question too!


I think the correct one is "ich esse den Apfel". The post is wrong. I play the duolingo app, it says "Ich esse den Apfel"


I have the case thing but am confused about the word order. 'Ich esse den apfel' is exactly the same as 'Den apfel esse ich' is that correct? And would a German speaker use both word orders with equal frequency? To me, 'The apple, I am eating' sounds like Yoda.


I have the same question??


Why can't I say " Ich esse den Apfel "?


I believe you can, because "esse" is the right conjugation of the word for eating, and "Apfel" is still the object of the sentence, and you are the subject. That sentence is correct, there is no reason why you cannot say it.


Isn't it supposed to be Ich esse den Apfel? Why the apple comes at the subject?


Why is the sentence backwards?


I'm confused about this too


Why do we use "den" instead of "einen" here?


den means "the"; "einen" means "an"


Why can't I say: "Ich esse der Apfel" ?


How do you know when a noun is masculine/fem/neut?


There are certain nouns which always take a particular gender - words ending with 'chen' or 'lein' always = das (neuter); words ending with 'heit', 'keit', 'ung' or 'schaft' always = die (feminine). Most words related to days/months/seasons etc = der (masculine) and most profession/job words have the der-form as their 'base' and then have a specific die-form (i.e. der Lehrer, die Lehrerin).

However, there are lots of words that don't have these endings/rules and, as the other commentors have said, you have to learn the article/gender with the noub.


You have to memorize the article with the word.


I get the impression that you just have to learn it that way and that there is not really a set in stone way to tell if you don't know.


Why is it Den Apfel esse ich instead of Ich esse den apfel?


whats the difference between isst / esse


Isst refers to he or she eating something. Esse refers to yourself as in I am eating. Or at least that's how I understand it.


I like to think of it as isst = IS eating, versus am eating.


Esse is used for I, isst is used for else like you/he/she/it etc.


Whats the difference between using "esse" and using 'essen"??


Esse is for Ich, essen is for Sie (you in formal form, don't be confused with sie which means she)


Please help me where do i use "isst" and "esse"


Verbs congigate differently depending on your subject. Look at the ending of words for a better idea. Ich - e, Du - st, ect. Essen is weird because of the 'Du' form so look at Lieben (love). It goes like this... You drop the en from the end and add the correct ending. Ich liebe, Du liebst... Like that. If you followed this with Essen it would be Du essst and that just doesn't work, so the to compact the 'sss' it changes to vowel sound from the e to the i.


why not Ich esse der Apfel?


Can it be ich esse der apfel?


Why not "einen apfel"


Because einen is for neutral words and Apfel is masculine. It's the same reason you would say der Mann, not die Mann.


Does that mean the Apple eats me?


Why not Ich esse den Apfel?


I'm getting "Den Apfel esse ich". At least teach me first that you can say it backwards


How do you know when a noun is masculine/fem/neut?


I think there isn't a general rule, but there are some parts of nouns that could help to choose the right gender.


Den is the version of "Der" used when the word is object (not subject) For example: Der Apfel ist rot. (Here Apfel is subject, {rot = red}) Sie isst den Apfel. (Apfel here is the object)


Is apple is akkusative case here?


What is the difference between den and die and das?


Why i cant use "ich esse dar apfel"?


Dar isn't a choice here. I think you mean der Apfel and if that's the case its all in how you use it. If the apple is the subject you would say der (der apfle ist gut). If the subject is yourself and the apple is just an object then you would use den (ich esse den apfel). Thing about it like this... What is the sentence about? In this case it is about you and the apple is just an object. If you get confused like I do sometimes think about this... What is a complete sentence (not a command but a statement) "I am eating" or "am eating the apple". You can take out apple and still have a complete scentence so its just an object. English is the hardest language by the way lol


You made clear explanations on this discussion!
I would be grateful if you explain why the example translation of the sentence is "Den Apfel esse ich."


When do a use isst and esse,help!!!


Du/sie/er/es isst. Ich esse


What is different of den, der, das?


Can we could hav used das,instead of den?pls explain me..confused....


Whats the different of esse and isst?


I am a man, so my answer is ich esse der apfel. Maybe this program could explain things better in the first place.


It doesn't matter if you are masculine... It's if the word is. What is the sentence about? If it is about 'the man', 'the woman', or 'the dog' (just using these words as examples) you would use der/die/das. If the sentence is about something else you would use den/die/das. Think about them as two seperate lists - one for subject and one for an object. The only one that changes is der to den. But if you think about them seperate its easier. "I love the... " however you finish that scentence it is about me so you know you will use den/die/das. Ich liebe den Mann. Ich liebe die Frau. Ich liebe das Hund. If you make them into two seperate lists, when you identify it as the object and go to look at your options then der won't even be an option for you to pick. I hope that helps.


Den with opject .. der eith male subject .. die with female subject


Das with non-gender supject


this is confusing...whats the difference between das/der/den/die? I do know that die is for females, but the others I don't know. Please help!! :)


It is dativ

and wesh


Why not" ich esse die apfel"?


I put this in the wrong order: "Ich esse Den Apfel" I have no idea why it's wrong though... smh


Why can'tI say ''Ich esse einen Apfel''?


Can anybody explain why it is in reverse order?

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