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  5. "Θέλω επτά βιβλία."

"Θέλω επτά βιβλία."

Translation:I want seven books.

January 5, 2017



Always heard seven as εφτα in Cyprus - may be there is another prononcation allowed?


    Both επτά and εφτά are correct, with the former possibly a bit more formal for official documents and the latter more common in everyday speech.


    But εφτα is still rejected here.


    In a "type what you hear" exercise, you have to type exactly what you hear -- if the voice says /epta/, you have to type επτά; if it says /efta/, you have to type εφτά. Regardless of what you personally would say.

    A bit like "aluminum" versus "aluminium" - both are correct English words but they are pronounced differently and in a "type what you hear" exercise you would have to use the version the voice says and not the alternative word with the other pronunciation.


    And I assume this is the same for οκτώ/οχτώ and εννέα/εννιά, right?


    In the Duolingo Tips and Notes 7 is listed as "εφτά" also...


    Both εφτά and επτά are used and are both correct.

    In a "type what you hear" exercise, you have to type the version that you hear.

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