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  5. "Γιατί δεν μίλησες;"

"Γιατί δεν μίλησες;"

Translation:Why didn't you talk?

January 5, 2017



Can someone clarify difference in this sentence on different virbs: didnt you say; didnt you talk; didnt you speak


Why didn't you talk/speak? = Γιατί δεν μίλησες;

Why didn't you say? = Γιατί δεν είπες;

Keep in mind that the verb say, in order to make complete sense, is followed by something in most cases.

Say (something) = λέω (κάτι). ^.^


In the UK we would say, why didn't you speak, but why didn't you talk about it. Talk /speak is partly custom / style and partly UK /USA. Greek seems to overlap both meanings.


Keep getting message that I have a typo in my answer. The problem is with DL input software -- doesn't allow user to put contractions together. Instead of "don't," for example, after the user attempts to select the proper word order, the answer shows as "do n't." It is, of course, a typo, but a typo due to the software!!


"don't" is marked wrong because it is present tense.

The Greek sentence is in past tense, so you need "didn't".


Got a very similar issue on the android app. The suggested words contained "did" and "n't". Possible are "did not" or "didn't", but "n't" is just not a word. Could you please change this?

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