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Accessing classroom in the app

I have a student who downloaded the app to study Swedish. She went to join.duolingo.com and entered my class code for Spanish. She successfully signed up for the Spanish class but cannot access it on her app. What's up?

January 5, 2017



My students have not had any luck accessing assignments from their app. They have to go to a browser on their phones, go to the site, and then click on the "go to full site" option before they can see the assignment like they do if they are on a computer. It's been frustrating because they want to play directly from the app.


I have had very little experience between the app version of Duolingo and schools.duolingo.com, but I think she needs to go to her courses tab, click "Add a new course" and join Spanish. I'm not sure if she can see the assignments on the app, but from there, she should be able to do the assignments. If not, she can go to her email, and click the emails that come in with the subject "You have an assignment!" from no-reply@duolingo.com.


Is she signed in with a different username on the app?

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