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"You have more food than your wife."

Translation:Έχεις περισσότερο φαγητό από τη γυναίκα σου.

January 5, 2017



Έχετε περισσότερα τρόφιμα από τη σύζυγό σας. why is this wrong?

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You are right! It's added! This sentence has 1728 possible translations now! LOL :D


The hover hint says από την γυναίκα σου. Lucky for me the word selection did not include την as an option and I had just so happened to have been reading about την vs τη usage earlier this morning. And yes I did report it.


The hover hint says από την γυναίκα σου.


(May take a little while before the change becomes live.)


Why is the article accusative? Surely the word 'έχει' is understood at the end, which should make the 'γυναίκα' a subject. The sentence doesn't mean that you have more food than you have your wife.


Why is the article accusative?

Because the preposition από requires the accusative case.

Surely the word 'έχει' is understood at the end

No. από is not a conjunction and can't introduce a phrase with a verb.

You could add a conjunction and have a sentence such as Έχεις περισσότερο φαγητό από ό,τι έχει η γυναίκα σου.

But those two sentences are about as different syntactically as "We were late because of him" and "We were late because he was late" -- you can't say "We were late because of he" and say that "was late" is understood: "of" is a preposition and cannot introduce a clause with a verb.


'Than' in English is neither preposition or conjunction but has its own independent function. But I take your point that 'απο' in Greek is a preposition and therefore has to behave as one.

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