"The butterfly is on the book."

Translation:Fluturele e pe carte.

January 6, 2017

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Why "pe cartea" is wrong? Thanks in advance.


When there's the combination "preposition + single noun", you don't use the definite article:

El e pe carte.

But if this noun has an adjective, the definite article is necessary:

El e pe cartea albastră.

Salutări din Brazilia!


Muito obrigado! Salutări din Mexic!


It says "Fluturele se află pe carte." is correct too. What does "se află" mean? Don't think I had that in a lesson yet.


It is roughly translated as "is found". "The butterfly is found on the book". In Spanish, one would say "se halla", "La mariposa se halla en el libro".


The hint literally says "aprinsa"=is on. So I use aprinsa (thinking, 'hey, a new word I've never seen until now, I'll go ahead and use it.') My answer is then incorrect...why?! I was happy to just use "e pe"...super misleading.


Why fluturele, plural? In English it's singular, meaning it's only one, shouldn't it be "flutura"?


My version (lap top) does not have "e" but "se afla" - with accent on the last a. What does this mean? Is it a reflexive verb?

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