"Ei au adormit fără să vrea!"

Translation:They fell asleep without realizing it!

January 6, 2017

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Shouldn't it be "without wanting" rather than "without realizing"?


Yes, that would be the literal translation of “fără să vrea”, and it would also make more sense. It's hard to realize that you've fallen asleep because you're not concious. In any case, you would not expect to realize it.


How about "against their will"? I think it catches the right meaning.


Yes, that works.


I think 'they fell asleep without meaning to' makes most sense to me.


Lol that's a bit harsh. That would translate as " împotriva voinței lor" like sleep forced them to fall asleep. Well, it depends on the context. I think "without wanting to" is the best option


Yes, I agree... Except that I don't think I've ever heard a (British) English person say that. 'Without meaning to' is used much more commonly in my experience.


Would it sound ok tho? At least in spanish we do say "sin querer". But seems like the literal translation in english as "without wanting" doesn't sound natural.


I've just put 'sin querer' into Google translate and it came up with 'unintentionally' or 'accidentally'. Both those sound much more natural to me in this context than 'without wanting to'. I've certainly heard people say that they 'accidentally fell asleep'.

'Without realising' is also something people say, although I think 'without meaning to' is more common in England. Certainly, it's what came to my mind when I first saw the Romanian sentence.

I have never heard any native speaker say 'without wanting to' or 'against my will' when talking about falling asleep. That said, the former would certainly be understood. The latter would also be understood, but might be seen as a odd for precisely the reasons that Alemehtais outlined. It could be interpreted as someone forcing it upon the person... like with a drug or something.


Please accept realising, UK version of realizing... spell checker kicks in. Thanks


yes, dear Duolingo, please stop claiming that "They fell asleep without realising it!" has a typo.


DL, I have reported. Please either change realizing to wanting or can a truly bilingual person explain why realizing is anything close to correct.


"Realising" is also correct


Shouldn't it be "vara sa vor", as it is plurar


The verb "a vrea" with the conjunction "să" in front is in the present conjunctive ("conjunctiv prezent"), which differs for the 3rd pers plural from the regular present tense. Don't ask me why. Check https://www.conjugare.ro/romana.php?conjugare=vrea


Has anyone here put sleeping pills in their drink?

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