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  5. "так хочу" vs just "хочу"?


"так хочу" vs just "хочу"?

Hi! I'm fairly new to learning Ukrainian (started a month or so ago) and I was wondering. I've heard a few songs that say "так хочу" in regards to wanting something but I don't think I've heard any that say just "хочу"... does the meaning differ with так in front, or is it just for emphasis?

The answer is probably obvious, but... I'm just curious!

January 6, 2017


[deactivated user]

    Tak is yes, and Xochu is I want. The meaning should differ, but let a native speaker give the final word.


    Yes, that is for an emphasis.

    Хо́чу - I want.

    Так хо́чу! - I want so much! (Emphasis. Так means here something like "to such extension"). "Я так хо́чу тебе́ ба́чити, що не мо́жу чека́ти!" - "I so much want to see you, that I can't wait!" I hope that's clear. Sorry for my english :).

    But one wouldn't normally just say Так хочу. It needs an object (Так хо́чу додо́му! Так хо́чу моро́зива!), or an explanation (Як? How?) as in the example above, in the second part of it. Normally one would just say Ду́же хочу which can be a standalone phrase, and it is less intensive.

    Так, хо́чу - Yes, I want. (Comma would make it a Yes).


    A few more examples with Так and Дуже to compare:

    Ду́же бі́лий сніг - A very white snow.

    Таки́й бі́лий сніг - Such a white snow.

    Сніг таки́й бі́лий - Snow is so white.

    Ду́же вели́ка ді́жка - A very big barrel.

    Така́ вели́ка ді́жка - Such a big barrel.

    Ді́жка така́ вели́ка - The barrel is so big.

    Я ду́же тебе́ люблю́ - I love you very much.

    Я так тебе́ люблю́ - I love you so much.


    Thank you so much!! :)


    Будь ласка :)


    Thank you also! A lingot for you!

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