"Salut, bun venit!"

Translation:Hi, welcome!

January 6, 2017

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According to a native speaker it should be "Salut, bine ai venit!"


If you mean that it should be an accepted answer, then yes, it should.

Note that Salut, bine ai venit! is informal. A similar but formal variant would be Salut, bine ați venit! Also bun venit is impersonal, yet still formal, and can also be written on road signs or on your door mat. The former two are mostly used spoken.


What does bun venit mean literally? Bun probably means good. Venit? Does that mean to come?


The same construction is present in many languages: "good" + past participle of "to come"

English: wellcome

German: willkommen

Italian: benvenuto

French: bienvenue

Spanish: bienvenido

Portuguese: bem vindo

Romanian: bun venit

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