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Computer voice Pronunciation

The voice does not use liaison properly and mispronounces letters that should be silent. For example "est-il" sounded like "est style" because the "s" was pronounced when it should not have been. The "t" however should have been pronounced, linking it to "il" smoothly.

June 20, 2012



I agree. "Est-il" when properly pronounced should sound like "a-teal."


Actually the phonetic spelling of est-il is closer to this: [e-til]. "a-teal" would more closely match the French "a-t-il." Agreed?


So true. I would start using IPA symbols, but not everyone is a total linguist nerd like I am. I actually started that sentence by making a joke that it sounds like "ate eel" and then I realized that I had to change it because there would have been too much of a pronounced emphasis on the first syllable if you said it literally like "ate eel."


I agree, it has been very frustrating that I can't hear the liaison when she speaks, among other things that the audio recording misses.

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