"Ne este poftă de piersici."

Translation:We have an appetite for peaches.

January 6, 2017

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A more natural translation into English might be ”We feel like eating peaches”.


The word craving could be used too


"We would like to eat peaches" "We feel like eating peaches"

I haven't heard anybody ever say "have an appetite for..." in this context.


Appetite for Destruction is the closest I can think of that uses this kind of syntax.


"We are craving peaches" or "we crave peaches" should be accepted.


I would translate that more into "We're hungry for peaches".


We fancy peaches, why not?


Regardless of one's preferred way to translate the sentiment, I am concerned that it isn't avem. Why not Noi avem..... etc. ? I fear this is going to trip me up!!


This lesson introduces to verbal constructions that are different of what we have seen before in the course.

Those are mostly used when expressing feelings. They are used with genitive/dative pronoun (îmi, îți, îi, ne, vă, le) + e + adjective.

That is something you can hardly translate in english, you just have to learn the feelings that are expressed this way.


Yes just when you think you have the hang of it from previous lessons they completely switch up the structure again! Very confusing but we will get there ;)

I try to break it down like "to us, there is an appetite of peaches" or another couple of lessons here... "Ne e teamă de ceilalți" --> To us, there is the fear of the others" or "Mie nu mi-e frică!" --> "Me, to me is no fear"

I have just started these lessons so fingers crossed this thinking works as we move further along!


I'd suggest: "We are craving peaches"

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